About Us

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Continued Care Pharmacy is a locally owned Community Pharmacy specializing in assisting Patients take their medications appropriately to avoid negative outcomes at home.

Continued Care was started by a group of health care professionals working in the long term care industry. After seeing numerous Patients being admitted/readmitted to the hospital or care facility as a result of not taking their medications appropriately, they set out to find a way to solve the problem.


The Challenge Facing Home Pharmaceutical Care

The biggest issue Patients face at home is taking the correct medications at the correct time. Many Patients have complicated drug regiments and have trouble remembering whether they actually took their medications each day. In addition, they have difficulty obtaining their medications. As a result, many Patients are either taking too much, too little, or not taking their prescribed medication at all causing adverse effects to their health.


Benefits of Continued Care

Continued Care became an industry leader because of the state of the art packaging and outstanding customer service. We assist Patients at home manage their medications safely and simply by packaging each dose in easy to use Med Pak’s. We follow up with each Patient’s doctor to review their medications, obtain the necessary refills, and deliver their medications directly to the Patient’s home.

what our customers are saying about us

  • I really like the organization of the Med Paks and I especially love that I don’t have to drive out in the snow to get my medications.

  • I absolutely love the packaging. It saves me a lot of time and hassle by not having to load pill boxes to organize my Dad’s medication.

  • I really like the Med Paks. Whenever I show them to others they really like them as well. I like that I can take the flap into my doctor appointments to show them what I am taking.

  • I love the packaging. I love that they called me afterward to make sure I didn’t have any questions or concerns, their customer service is great.